Schema Projects

schema : from the Greek "σχήμα" (skhēma); shape, plan, model. 
E H. Gombrich’s general term for all the myriad protocols of line, whose mastery constituted the backbone
of the western artists visual education.

Schema Projects is the first Bushwick gallery dedicated exclusively to works of art on paper. Housed in a former barbershop storefront, it is the brainchild of New York artist Mary Judge, well known for her dedication to all forms of drawing, both as a studio artist and educator.

Schema Projects features exhibitions of works on paper, such as, but not limited to drawings, prints, sketchbooks, artists books, limited editions, models and diagrams in all disciplines. Solo and group shows highlight local, national and international artists. In addition to serving the creative community of Brooklyn artists it is one of our missions to highlight works by under known or deceased artists of merit. Schema Projects hosts events of interest to the artist and gallery going community throughout the season, such as our Annual Paper Swap, as well as talks and tours. The gallery maintains a flat file that extends the gallery holdings and is open to the viewing public.

This year, Schema will extend it's parameters with the opening of Schema Sculpture, our backyard exhibition space dedicated to 3 dimensional works.

Private viewing of the exhibitions and flatfiles can be arranged by contacting Mary Judge at:

92 St Nicholas Ave between Hart and Suydam Brooklyn NY 11237      © 2016 Schema Projects